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Urgent Care Questions and Answers

AFC Urgent Care offers licensed medical professionals including doctors, and x-ray technicians who are on-site 7 days a week treating children and adults. We accept most major insurances. Please call us for more information or book an appointment online. We are conveniently located at 5825 Kanan Road Unit B Agoura Hills, CA 91301.

Urgent Care Near Me in Agoura Hills, CA
Urgent Care Near Me in Agoura Hills, CA

It’s really nice to have an urgent care clinic nearby in your community. You can go there for many of your healthcare needs, and they can connect with other healthcare providers, like your primary care doctor or a specialist, if necessary. Walk-ins are welcome, anyone of any age is welcome, and a clinic like ours is available 7 days a week. For convenient, quality care, come see us here at AFC Urgent Care, your local provider of urgent care in Agoura Hills, CA!

What do you go to urgent care for?

Whenever a health-related situation is minor but still urgent, you should go to urgent care. For instance, if you have a simple sprained ankle, go to urgent care. Or if your child has strep throat, urgent care is your best option. This is because urgent care can handle these situations really easily and quickly for you, without you having to make an appointment and wait for service. You can go to urgent care for any minor, urgent health situation or any related services like:

  • Employee/employer services such as drug testing or worker’s comp services
  • Immigration services
  • Lab work like testing for STDs
  • X-rays
  • Annual, sports, or school physical exams
  • General pain or chronic pain
  • Common injuries like minor strains or minor cuts
  • Seasonal allergies or flu
  • Asthma
  • Immunizations
  • Pediatric, adult, and geriatric services
  • And more

It’s certainly possible to get many of the services above from your primary care doctor, but not without having to make and wait for an appointment first. There are also wait times at the ER (emergency room) for patients with minor health situations. For life-threatening or possibly life-threatening situations, it’s necessary to go to the ER, however.

Should I go to urgent care or the ER?

Remember, urgent care is for minor but urgent health situations, and the ER is for life-threatening or possibly life-threatening situations. For minor situations, it’s best to go to urgent care because there are no wait times and it’s more affordable there. For any life-threatening or possibly life-threatening situation, the ER is the only option, as urgent care does not have the personnel or equipment to provide life-saving services, but the ER does.

Urgent care can provide many common services for many common health situations, but if you go to urgent care and need a service they cannot provide at all, they can refer you to a specialist.

Can urgent care refer you to a specialist?

Yes, absolutely! Urgent care doctors can provide referrals to and network with other healthcare professionals, including specialists of just about any kind. In doing so, an urgent care doctor can be at the center of a network between you and a number of healthcare providers, and even serve as a primary care doctor!

If urgent care sounds like the kind of care you want for yourself and possibly the rest of your family, then we want to hear from you. Contact us today or even come visit us in-person here at AFC Urgent Care!

Do you offer urgent care in Agoura Hills, CA?

We do! AFC Urgent Care has a location near you at 5825 Kanan Road Unit B Agoura Hills, CA 91301. We can see you for a walk-in appointment, if you like, or you can make an appointment online with us. You’re also welcome to call us for anything you need. We can take your call or see you any day of the week.

We look forward to providing you with amazingly convenient, high quality care here at AFC Urgent Care! We serve patients from Agoura Hills CA, Westlake Village CA, Calabasas CA, Thousand Oaks CA, Malibu CA, Santa Monica CA, and Moorpark CA.