Telemedicine Consultations

Telemedicine Consultations in Agoura Hills, CA

AFC Urgent Care offers telemedicine consultations to help you manage your health from the comfort of your own home. We believe in making health care accessible to everyone. For more information please call us today. We are looking forward to serve you!

Telemedicine Urgent Care Provided at AFC Urgent Care in Agoura Hills, CA
Telemedicine Urgent Care Provided at AFC Urgent Care in Agoura Hills, CA

Sometimes when you or a loved one is ill or injured, you just don’t want to leave the comfort of home, and other times leaving home can put you at risk. In these instances, telemedicine urgent care is the better option. It can provide you with advice, a diagnosis, and even recommendations for treatment, all without your having to go anywhere at all. If that’s the kind of care you want for yourself and your family, then connect with us here at AFC Urgent Care!

What is a virtual medical visit?

A virtual medical visit is a type of telemedicine, also known as telecare or telehealth. With a virtual medical visit, the healthcare offered is similar to that of a regular medical visit, but you can get it online at home, it’s typically less expensive, and there are some other differences. However, you can still receive advice, diagnosis, and treatment for conditions like:

  • Minor respiratory conditions
  • Simple injuries like sunburns or minor sprains
  • Sore throat
  • Infections like urinary tract infections
  • Pain caused by arthritis or another issue
  • Seasonal allergies or minor allergic reactions
  • Minor cases of the flu
  • And other conditions

For flu-like symptoms, it’s actually necessary to have a virtual medical visit because there’s a risk of infecting others if the visit is done in-person. Also, there are many urgent care and primary care services that can be provided via a virtual medical visit, like:

  • Prescriptions
  • Visual physical evaluations
  • Referrals to see specialists
  • Family health advice
  • And other urgent care and primary care services

How is a virtual visit done?

A virtual visit is done via online video conference or, if you don’t have a computer, you can have a phone appointment instead. The virtual visit has a lot of advantages, though, like being able to get a visual evaluation from the doctor. For a virtual visit, you’ll need a:

  • Medium or fast speed internet
  • Computer, smartphone, or other device with a camera and/or microphone

Once you have those things, you’ll be about ready for your virtual visit. Here’s how a virtual visit is typically done:

  • You’ll connect with a doctor in a video conference
  • You’ll discuss your symptoms with the doctor
  • The doctor will provide a visual evaluation if necessary, or if required, the doctor will ask you to go to the clinic for a face-to-face evaluation
  • The doctor will offer a diagnosis or ask you to come into the clinic for testing
  • The doctor will recommend a treatment like a prescription or ask you to come in for treatment

What is the difference between telehealth and telemedicine?

There’s a slight difference between telehealth and telemedicine. Typically, telehealth refers to a broader range of remote healthcare services, and telemedicine refers to remote clinical services only. However, the two terms can be used to describe the same general kind of remote healthcare. You can use either term with us here at AFC Urgent Care and we’ll know what you mean! Get in touch with us today to learn more about remote telehealth/telemedicine with us.

Do you offer telemedicine urgent care in Agoura Hills, CA?

Yes, we do! AFC Urgent Care is your local provider of urgent care, and we can offer it to you via telemedicine. It’s easy to get started; just give us a call at (424) 355-9163 or go ahead and book an appointment with us online. We’re available to take your call and provide you or your loved ones with care any day of the week.

We look forward to speaking with and seeing you (virtually!) very soon!