Pediatric Urgent Care

Pediatric Urgent Care Questions and Answers

American Family Care in Agoura Hills, CA offers pediatric services. Stop wondering where to take your child when they are hurt or injured. AFC has staff that are dedicated to helping your little one recover with ease. Call us today or schedule an appointment online. We are here to help you! We are conveniently located at 5825 Kanan Road Unit B Agoura Hills, CA 91301.

Pediatric Urgent Care Near Me in Agoura Hills, CA
Pediatric Urgent Care Near Me in Agoura Hills, CA

When your child is ill or injured, it can be the most stressful time as a parent. It is our job to alleviate that stress and make sure your child has the care they need and deserve. Regardless of their age or ailment, our medical staff of pediatrics is capable and competent of meeting their needs and restoring the health of your child. While hospitals can be daunting and have long wait times, here at American Family Care, your child will be taken care of immediately by one of our urgent care pediatrics. If your child needs medical attention, please book an appointment with our specialists and we will tend to the needs of your child as soon as possible.

Can you go to an Urgent Care for Pediatric Care?

Yes, we do pediatric care in our urgent care facility every day. It is also much more convenient, with no appointments or referrals required. Pediatric Urgent Care clinics are the most trustworthy choice of both families and their family doctors for urgent pediatric services. Our Pediatricians can accommodate to every one of your child’s medical needs, from newborn babies to young adults.

You can go to an urgent care if you feel it’s necessary, but it’s generally okay to call your pediatrician and wait for an answer if baby: Appears to feel unwell in general, with or without other symptoms such as a rash or runny nose.

Consider urgent care when you can’t see your pediatrician within a day or two and if: Your child has fever accompanied by cold symptoms and you suspect it may be the flu. You suspect your child may have an ear infection; symptoms include drainage from the ear, earache and pulling on the ears.

How can a Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic help?

Pediatric urgent care helps with a variety of inflictions and illnesses, including stitches, immunizations, x-rays, strains and sprains, wheezing or shortness of breath, dehydration, flu symptoms, blood pressure check-ups, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, and many others. All of these services are available without the need of visiting a hospital. This alleviates the stress that hospital visits often bring, and assures your children are in a comfortable, caring environment. Urgent care provides some of the best doctors in the industry, so you can rest assured that your child is well taken care of and in capable hands.

What are some of the services provided for pediatric urgent care?

There are many different services provided at pediatric urgent care to suit every child’s needs. We offer physical exams to examine the overall health of your child. We also offer vaccinations and immunizations and make sure they are all up-to-date. We also want to make sure your child meets all of the growth milestones, in health, behaviour and abilities and diagnose and treat your child’s, infections, illnesses, injuries, and other health problems. At the end of every visit, we will provide you with information about your child’s health, safety, fitness needs, and nutrition.

If your child is in need of urgent care, please contact our office for more information and get in touch with a pediatrician in the Agoura Hills, CA, area. To book an appointment with American Family Care call us or visit us. We are located at 5825 Kanan Road Unit B Agoura Hills, CA 91301.